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South Sudan forms committee to receive SPLM-IO advance team

The government of South Sudan has formed a preparatory committee that will be tasked to receive the armed opposition’s advance team to Juba.

The country’s vice president, James Wani Igga issued an administrative order for the formation of the preparatory committee, the state-ownedSSTV announced Wednesday.

Finance minister, David Deng Athorbei heads the preparatory and reception committee and will be assisted by the deputy minister of foreign affairs, Peter Bashir Gbandi. Several other members were also appointed and assigned different roles as members of sub-committees comprising of the police, security and defence officials.

The committee, according to the order, will be to organize and receive the opposition delegation. The committee is also mandated to identify suitable places and accommodation as well as work with members of the security organs and the army to identify and assign personnel to provide adequate security and protection.

The latest development comes a day after the information and broadcasting minister Michael Makuei Lueth issuing warnings to the effect that the coming of the opposition advance team of armed opposition officials in big numbers would be a security risk.

The government, according to the outspoken minister, preferred to receive an advance team of at least 30 people as this was what the government and the armed opposition reportedly agreed upon during the security talks in Addis Ababa in November this year.

Analysts have, however, argued there exists divergent views within the government given the trend of events, citing the latest administrative order from the nation’s vice-president.

Some observers attribute the differing opinions to political fears that some government officials feel they may be affected by changes that could result from the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity provided for in the August peace agreement.

Click here to read the Sudan Tribune report

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