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Frequently asked questions


What is the ACCT?


The ACCT is the acronym for the African Center for Conflict Transformation. Also called The Center, the ACCT is the foremost social science capability for understanding the bases of armed conflicts in Africa, including the aetiology, drivers, and mechanisms for reproducing armed conflict on the continent. The ACCT also invests efforts in dispelling rumors and innuendos that enable armed conflicts thrive as well as provide remidial action to reduce tensions and provoke credible search for peace settlements.


Where is the ACCT located?


The head office of the ACCT is located in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. The ACCT has offices in San Antonio, Texas; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Lagos, Nigeria; and Benin City, Nigeria. The ACCT is rapidly expanding and will have offices in all 54 countries in Africa.


Does the ACCT work with governments?


Yes. The ACCT works with governments as well as non-governmental organizations, communities, businesses, and individuals to advance the search for peaceful solutions to African conflicts or to prevent peaceful African communities from sliding into armed conflict.


Is the ACCT focused on only African Countries?


Yes. The ACCT is only involved in conflict and peace in Africa. However, the ACCT, in order to effectively contribute to altering the African conflict landscape in favor of peace and development routinely conucts comparative analysis of similar events, conditions, and motions occurring in other parts of the world. But even when this is done, the bases of our engagement is always the African condition, contexts, and perspectives.


How does ACCTdisseminate research reports, news, etc.?


The ACCT researches are disseminated through the Special Reports section on the ACCT website ( In addition, ACCT researchers also publish original, peer-reviewed articles in the ACCT official academic journal, African Journal of Peace and Conflict (AJPC), a peer-reviewed journal that is published bi-annually. The ACCT also maintains a robust Media Center that regularly publishes both original and secondary news items, special events, and conferences proceedings.

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