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The ACCT is involved in addressing all types of armed conflict conditions in Africa, from violent political contestation to terrorism. Click the green buttons below to read updates and reports specific to each focus area, or to contribute perspective to the discuss.


This page provides updates, news, and reports of terrorism or terrorist violence occurring in Africa. From Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb to Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram, the page informs on ongoing violence and to provide context for the series of actions, strategies, methodologies, or interventions to end terrorism in Africa.

Political Violence

The ACCT Election Analysis Center reviews and analyzes elections in Africa in order to understand the tendency towards violence but also as a way to advocate peaceful, safe, free, and fair elections. This page provides election updates, particularly focusing on violent political contests that have cascadia potential.


Our goal is to transform destructive conflicts through an articulate program of research, training, and advocacy. Our transformation agenda is theory-driven and prioritizes efforts to transform conflict contexts, environments, people, and conditions to situations amenable for peace, political stability, and economic progress.

Humanitarian Crisis

This page focuses on some of the effects of armed conflict on civilian populations. Millions of people are socially and psychologically displaced by conflicts and go on to suffer the debilitating effects of conflicts for a long time. The page also highlights the contributions of people and groups to mitigate the effects of armed conflicts. 


This page provides updates, news, and reports on extremism and extremists in Africa. Extremists, whether ideologues, demagogues, or fanatics, do incalculabe damage to African societies and contribute to terroristic violence. By highlighting these activities, we aim to focus on some of the roots of terroristic behavior in Africa.


This page highlights the impact of wildlife crimes on the African ecological space, particularly focusing on perpetrators and their links to organized criminal networks, including terrorists. The reports on poaching and the animals that are killed are not aimed to shock but to inform and stimulate organized response against wildlife crimes.

Resource Violence

Decades of armed conflict in many African countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone, and DR Congo were resource conflicts. Warlords fought over resource-rich territories, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent, peace-loving people in the process. Some of these conflicts have ended, but competitition for resource assets persists.


This page highlights organized efforts to defeat terrorism in Africa. Whether it is the activities of national armies, regional and sub-regional coalitions, or international organizations and coalitions, the page highlights the campaigns against violent terrorist groups in Africa. 

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