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      What We Do


The ACCT uses an articulate program of research, training, advocacy, and service to transform destructive armed conflicts to situations amenable for peace co-existence, political stability, and socio-economic progress.


The ACCT is primarily a research organization. We use a range of research methodologies, theories, and sophisticated software to understand, explain, or predict armed conflicts in Africa. Nearly all of our advocacy and service efforts are informed by empirical researches conducted by some of the most dedicated and skilled researchers who are the backbone of our unique research and analysis capability.


The ACCT trains people, groups, and organizations to understand the dynamics of armed conflict, especially their nature, causes, spread, maintenance and reproduction. The ACCT's training agenda is interdisciplinary and informed by emprical research and theory but is steeped in local contexts; an approach useful for understanding the deep complexities of contemporary armed conflicts in Africa


The ACCT researchers collect, inspect, clean, transform, display, manipulate, and model complex data, including weather, topography, geologic features, vegetation, and other geospatial information in order to discover useful information about the condition of conflict or peace, suggest alternative courses of action for transforming conflicts, and support decision-making. 

Special Reports

The ACCT Special Reports is the highlight of the ACCT conflict research agenda. The theory-driven reports are products of empirical research on special topics on peace and conflict in Africa. All reports are grounded in specific contexts but slanted provocatively to allow comparions with situations occurring in other parts of the world. 


The goal of the ACCT is to transform armed conflicts in Africa from destructive forms to situations amenable to peaceful cooperation and collaboration. This goal may only be achieved through an effective communication strategy that dispels rumors, conjectures, and innuendoes, challenges institutions and leaders, and illuminates the paths to peace and stability. The ACCT media center publishes newsletters and bulletins and a TV channel on conflict and peace.


Critical to the transformation of conflicts, is the building of credible institutions that can survive strong and weak leaders. The ACCT helps society understand how institutions (or lack of institutions) in African states interact with local conditions to spark conflicts. Our ability to engage people at the grassroots and the leadership, helps us plan interventions that are useful for transforming conflicts. 


The ACCT Media Center provides news on armed conflicts and peace initiatives in African societies. In addition, the ACCT Media Center routinely features news, editorials, opinion pieces, and research reports from other media outlets. When this is done, however, authors and the news medium are duely credited and links to the original articles are provided. 

African Journal of Peace & Conflict Review

The AJPC is an interdisciplinary journal of peace and conflict with an Afrocentric focus. Papers have strong methodologies and are theory driven but prioritize the African viewpoint in any discuss or analysis of peace and conflict. The journal is published bi-annually in print (ISSN 2381-277X) and online (ISSN 2381-2796).

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