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The ACCT engages African communities directly through a set of planned volunteer programs, including the "Citizens on Patrol," "Students on Patrol," and "Citizens Action for Safe Elections." Our volunteer programs aim to develop a network of active, concerned citizens who use their local knowledge, networks, skills, and concern about the safety, security, and development of local African people and communities, to transform African communities; purging these communities of the toxic effects of conflict. ACCT volunteers are helping to disseminate information, monitor elections, distribute relief materials and services, and assess stakeholder atmospherics for the slightest hint of destructive conflict. Whether in schools, crowded cities, or villages, the ACCT volunteers are at the forefront, extending the frontiers of peace and liberating African communities from the strangle hold of violence. Join us today.


Students on Patrol (SOP)



SOPs are students in secondary and tertiary institutions that are aware of the link between armed conflicts and low educational attainment. Since youths are mostly involved in armed conflicts, SOPs use their roles as youths and students to mobilize other students within (and outside) campuses against armed conflict and to promote peace.



Citizens on Patrol (COP)



COPs are community-based volunteers who use their location within their communities to monitor and observe situations that are likely to upset the balance of peace. COPs know their communities, have understanding of the issues that drive disagreements and provoke conflict, and are committed to work for the peace and progress of their communities. 



Citizens Action for Safe Elections (CASE)


CASE is a community of volunteers who use a robust agenda of advocacy to mobilize citizens against election fraud and violence. Across Africa, violence and armed conflict have typically followed elections, resulting in thousands of civilian deaths and the destruction of property worth billions of dollars.



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