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Voices from the Savannah: Poignant images show fragile existence of Africa's wildlife which coul

These poignant pictures of Africa's biggest beasts in the wild show how fragile their lives are in the face of poachers, human encroachment and trophy hunters.

In the haunting selection captured by British photographer Gary Roberts, he highlights the dangers faced by the anti-poaching patrol as they try desperately to protect elephants, zebras, lions and cheetahs from the money-hungry poachers.

The photographer's extensive work in Tanzania and Kenya brought him into contact with conservationists and experts in the region, who paint a bleak future for the dwindling wildlife of Africa.

In his upcoming book, he gathered together these different 'Voices' and noted their fears, hopes and wishes in the uphill fight for the survival of the African wildlife.

Click here to read the full report.

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