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Rhino Day: Beautiful calf born [Pics]

Credit: Joyce Dixon

Rhinos Without Borders is celebrating the birth of a rhino calf following the relocation of its mother to Botswana.

The organisation, which is in a partnership with the Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond, is seeking to translocate certain rhinos from high-risk areas to protect them from poachers.

Botswana has been chosen as the safe haven for the rhinos due to its anti-poaching record.

"One of the aims of the Rhinos Without Borders project is to create a new breeding population of rhino in Botswana as an evolutionary 'insurance policy' against the possible extinction of the species. This is a real possibility if the rate of poaching in South Africa remains at its current horrific levels," andBeyond CEO Joss Kent said in a statement.

"We view translocations as critical to the survival of the species and are proud to have been part of the team responsible for bringing this new life into a world where it can grow and thrive without fear of losing its life to poacher."

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